A lot of work is being done around the world when it comes to research in the aerospace medical sector. Here you will find some links about relevant journals that publish in this field as well as recent publications by CSAM members. We have also included relevant resources and guidelines for you to refer to. Please contact us if you wanted to add your work onto this list.

Aerospace medicine related journals:

Relevant publications / guidelines / resources:

  • DeHart, Roy L. and Davis, Jeffrey R (Eds.) (2001). Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine. (3rd ed.). Philadelphia, USA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Dowdall, N.P. (2001). Manual of Inflight Medical Care. (1st ed.). London, UK: Dorling Kindersley Ltd.
  • Rainford, David J. & Gradwell, David P. (Eds.) (2006). Ernsting's Aviation Medicine. (4th ed.). London: Hodder Arnold
  • Guide to hygiene and sanitation in aviation (pdf). (3rd ed.). Geneva: World Health Organization. English, French.
  • International Health Regulations. (2005). (2nd ed.). Geneva: World Health Organization.
  • Martinez, L. (2010). International Travel and Health. Geneva: WHO (Ed.).
  • Fitness to Fly - A Medical Guide for Pilots (2018) Montreal: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). English.
  • Campbell, RD and Bagshaw, M. (2002). Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation. (3rd ed.). U.K.: Blackwell Publishing.
  • Chapman, Peter (1991). Airline Medical Manual. London: Chapman and Hall Medical.
  • Cummin, Andrew R.C. & Nicholson Anthony N. (2002). Aviation Medicine and the Airline Passenger. Great Britain: Arnold Publishers.
  • Harding, Richard M. & Mills, F. John (1993). Aviation Medicine: Articles from The British Medical Journal. (3rd ed.) London: Publishing Group.
  • King, Paul (1993). The Pilot's Guide to Medical Human Factors. Ottawa, Canada: Communication Group Publishing.
  • Martin, Terence & Rodenberg, Howard D. (2006). Aeromedical Transportation: A clinical guide. (2nd ed.). England: Avebury Aviation Ashgate Publishing Ltd.
  • Rayman, Russell B. (2006). Clinical Aviation Medicine. Second edition. Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger.
  • Reinhart, Richard O. (1997). FAA Medical Certification: Guidelines for Pilots. USA:Iowa State University Press.
  • Reinhart, Richard O. (2002). Fit for Flight. (2nd sub ed.). U.K.: Blackwell Publishing.
  • Ribak, Joseph, Rayman, Russell B., and Froom, Paul (Eds.) (1995). Occupational Health in Aviation. Maintenance and Support Personnel. San Diego, California, USA: Academic Press.
  • Schroeder, Erik and Taudorf, Uffe (Eds.) (1997). Air Travel and Transportation of Patients: a guide for physicians. (2nd ed.). Danish Armed Forces Health Services.
  • National Research Council (2002). The Airliner Cabin Environment and the Health of Passengers and Crew. Washington, D.C., USA: National Academy Press.

Member Publications:

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